Must we fly; not with our feet, however

Must we fly; not with our feet, however

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Nothing is sweeter than passionate love. All else, all happiness is secondary. Even honey I willingly spit from my mouth. Nossis says this. She, however, who has never been befriended by Cypris, will never tell amongst her flowers, which are the roses.

Νοσσίς / Nossis (3rd century B.C)

This the most famous epigram by Nossis. Cypris here is Venus.

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God. sometimes ancient writers, through the for of translation, say it best. is why, deep down, I shall forever and always be a Classicist

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I nothing you: An open message to the ‘you’ of my past.

You poisoned me. And for the first time in what seems like forever, I am rid of the caustic ennui that was your ice eyes looking at me, saying you felt sorry for him.
You cannot begin to know the ways in which he is countless times the better man. You cannot even conceive of his goodness.
My only feeling now is a grating disappointment, that you get a footnote in his chapter of my life, that he could be mistakenly tarred with the self-same brush of association as you. Disappointment; coupled with the sometimes crippling apprehension that one day he may discover I’m unworthy of his affection.
Until then, I think nothing of the ice in your eyes, the emptiness of your words; I’ll keep holding his hand and wandering those forests, my sights set on those mountains I yearn to climb
with him.

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